Driving & parking

For students, staff and visitors who need or wish to drive, UNSW provides a limited number of on-campus car parking spaces. To apply for a parking permit or for any queries please contact Security and Traffic Management (parking@unsw.edu.au). 

As these parking spaces are not guaranteed, even to parking permit holders, UNSW has introduced the following initiatives to encourage sustainable car use:
  • a carpooling service called UNSW MyCarpools
  • four dedicated GoGet carshare cars on campus for use by students, staff and the general public. 

Parking on the University campus is free only when parked in a marked bay: 

  • outside of the permit hours of 7.30am and 7.30pm Monday to Friday
  • on weekends
  • on public holidays (not UNSW holidays). 

Remember: Parking permits must be shown between the hours of 7.30am and 7.30pm Monday to FridayUNSW is a Restricted Parking Area and parking is only permissable in marked bays. Parking outside of a marked bay is strictly prohibited and will incur a fine. 

To assist with the management of UNSW permits, Security and Traffic Management has introduced Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) technology. A sophisticated camera is mounted on the window of the Security Officer’s vehicle which scans each vehicle and parking bay. This new technology will enable more efficient data collection, improve compliance and assist with parking management strategies. LPR is live and in operation now.

Please ensure that your registration plate number matches the registration number printed on your permit. If you are driving a different vehicle, please visit our office with the new registration papers so your details can be updated on the system and a new permit issued.


Click here to view campus locations and parking maps. Click here to view UNSW's parking rules. 

In this section:

Staff parking permits

Staff parking permits are available to salaried employees as a fortnightly salary deduction or an up-front payment. If you wish to apply for a parking permit please visit the FM Assist office. They will advise you on the most economical and suitable parking permit for your requirements. Parking permits paid by salary deduction are salary sacrificed. Make sure you bring your:

  • vehicle registration papers
  • staff number
  • appropriate completed form.

Casual staff members who are not UNSW students may apply for parking. FM Assist will need to verify your employment status with the administrative officer in your faculty, school or department. Students who are employed at UNSW for more than 20 hours a week are eligible to purchase a permit.

Parking Permit Application - Upfront payment 
Fulltime Staff Parking Permit Application Salary Deduction form 
Fulltime staff Parking Permit Salary Deduction Cancellation form

Student and visitor parking permits
All day casual parking is generally available on the top floors of the Barker Street (Gate 14) and Botany Street (Gate 11) car parks. Sometimes this parking may not be available due to various other demands. Short-term, paid 2P (2 hour) parking is also available via most entrance gates.
Students and visitors may purchase after hours parking permits from FM Assist. They are valid from 3.30pm to 7.30am, Monday to Friday. Note: PhD students are entitled to 24/7 parking permits either per semester or annually. To apply, please take your student card and vehicle registration papers to FM Assist.

Contractor parking
  • All contractors and subcontractors who wish to park on campus are required to purchase a UNSW parking permit. Permits for daily, weekly or annual parking can be purchased from FM Assist upon presentation of a contractor identification or site induction card and registration papers.
  • Day parking permits issued by FM Assist are valid for “UNSW Permit Holders Only” bays, and the day, date and month must be clearly scratched to coincide with the day the permit is used. The permit must be clearly displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle and comply with the conditions of use printed on the permit.
  • Loading zones are available for the period of time marked on the sign. Contractors are expected to offload the materials required then move immediately to permit or casual ticket parking.
  • Applications for extended time on a loading zone can be made during office hours to FM Assist
    (9385 5111 or to Security Services 9385 6000) outside office hours.
  • Permission will only be given if the work can’t be completed unless the contractor has access to the vehicle.

Temporary accessible parking

To be eligible for a Temporary Accessible Parking, you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Require the temporary use of a wheelchair, crutches, walking frame or other specific mobility aid; or have a short term disability and/or medical condition that significantly impacts mobility.
  • Be an expectant mother whose mobility is significantly affected by your pregnancy. 

If you do not meet any of the above criteria, you are not eligible for a Temporary Accessible Parking permit.

Security and Traffic Management office can arrange special temporary parking permits under these circumstances. Please visit the Security and Traffic office on Level 2 Mathews Building making sure you bring the required documentation below.

If you have a current UNSW parking permit:

  • Provide written notification from your treating medical practitioner verifying the reasons and dates you require the Temporary Accessible parking.

If you do not have a UNSW parking permit, please bring the following documentation:

  • Written notification from your treating medical practitioner verifying the reasons and the dates you require the Temporary Accessible parking.
  • UNSW staff or student identification.
  • Your vehicle registration papers.
  • Fees will apply for non UNSW permit holders.

All personal information obtained to issue a Temporary Accessible Parking permit will be used and stored in accordance with confidentiality and privacy requirements.

Parking when accompanied by small children

There are two designated ground floor parking spots for staff and students who are accompanied by children and using prams or strollers. One is located on the ground floor of the Botany Street multi-story car park and one in the Barker Street multi-story car park. To park in these bays, child restraint seating must be visible to Security Services.

Disabled parking and access

A reserved disabled parking space may be made available to staff or students with a RMS Mobility Parking Scheme permit. Reserved bays are marked “RESERVED PERMIT NUMBER XX” and are not available to visitors. Visitors displaying a current RMS Mobility Parking Scheme permit may park in marked visitor disabled parking bays.

Download a detailed map showing disabled access and parking options on Kensington Campus.

Parking infringements

UNSW is regulated by the Restricted Parking Scheme, linked to the Self Enforcing Infringement Notice Scheme (SEINS) and operated by the NSW Government State Debt Recovery Office. Parking infringement notices are issued on UNSW campuses by Security Services Officers. 

Vehicles must park in marked bays only and drivers who park contrary to any parking signs, or who fail to comply with directions given by UNSW Security Services Officers, or who do not hold a UNSW authorised parking permit, may be issued an infringement having the same force in law as infringements issued by police. 

Please note: Security Officers working in a capacity of monitoring parking at UNSW are equipped with sound and video recording devices for safety purposes. 

Any appeal against a parking infringement is to be made to:
The State Debt Recovery Office
PO Box 786 Strawberry Hills NSW 2012

For internet payments and more information visit: www.sdro.nsw.gov.au